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National collection week is almost here

Hello, Timothy here with a gentle reminder.
  If you have yet to pack a box and you were planning on it, you might want to think about getting on that as National Collection Week is  just a few weeks away.
  You might be thinking at this point, what can I pack?
 if you need ideas as to what to pack in your box, what can and can't go in them, click here.
 Perhaps this is the first time you have heard of Operation Christmas Child and you are thinking, ok this is all good and all but how do I pack one of these boxes?
 Clicking that link will give you all the information you need.

  You might be thinking, Christmas is all good and all and these children deserve a time of joy but is there an eternal impact? Speaking personally here, I wouldn't be volunteering with this project if there weren't a way to preach Christ through these gifts.
  I would like to turn your attention to  the greatest journey. This program shares with the children the gospel of Christ and it does it in a way they will understand and as if that isn't enough, it does it in their own native language. Isn't that just awesome? I for one think it is.

  Perhaps you don't like the idea of getting out into a physical store but yet you want to pack a box. Well, we now are able to give you the opportunity to build your box online from the comfort  of your own home.

 You will see the page talk about the 9 dollars for shipping. People have asked me in the past what all does the 9 dollars cover? Yes it covers shipping but it does so much more then that. It allows us to continue crucial programs such as the greatest journey and gives us the means of giving the graduates of the program a bible in their own native language. If you don't believe me, I challenge you to try shipping a package internationally to say Africa and you'll see real quick that you are going to pay more shipping a package on your own then you will through Operation Christmas Child and on top of that, you are making more of an impact through us as your money will go to cover the translations of the scriptures and resources needed to share the gospel in a way the children will understand. So please, pay your 9 dollars per box and know that you aren't just helping us out but you are helping the children around the world receive the gospel in their native languages. If you are financially unable to pay the 9 dollars that's fine but if you can pay it, please do. Remember the eternal impact you are helping to create here by providing these crucial funds.

     Should you have any questions, you can contact me via email.
 Likewise, you can also send me a tweet and know that however you choose to reach me you will be responded to within 24 hours. If I don't have the answer, I'll reach out to those who do and respond with the correct answer.

 I hope you have found this blog to be a valuable resource.

 I look forward to hearing from you.


 In Christ's service


#Alloutpraise July 22.

Alloutpraise will be taking place Saturday July 22.
 Come and enjoy this annual outdoor contemporary Christian music festival hosted by the Christian Family & Children's Center. The event is a fundraiser and is held on Harr Soccer Field (1076 King's Way Donegal, PA 15628).
Come out and enjoy contemporary Christian artists, information booths, concessions, kid's activities, and fireworks to end the evening! Previous headliners have been Luminate, Chris August, Love & The Outcome, Aaron Shust, Jason Gray, Jonny Diaz, ApologetiX, FFH and Among the Thirsty.

 This years headliner is Dan Bremnes and band.

Adult tickets are $5 if purchased previous  to the event.  price at the gate is $10. Ages 12 & under are free!
If you would like to purchase tickets please call 724-455-2122 ext. 101

Ugandan Children's choir comes to town

the Amani Children’s choir will be performing at 
Brush Creek Lutheran Church
177 Brush Creek Rd
Irwin Pa 15642
May 24,2017
Operation Christmas Child is sponsoring the event.
 love offerings are requested but event is free.
 I spoke with Gwen Steiner  and was assured that for those of you wishing to purchase a recording, they will be made available at the church.

 the choir has 4 goals.

 1) they wish to Share the love of God through music, dance and their testimonies of what God has done in their lives.  2) They wish to raise   awareness of the plight of destitute/orphaned children in Africa. 3) They wish to raise  funds for continued development and support of Light Africa programs in Uganda. 4) they wish to provide unique training and exposure for the children so as to raise them up in the ways of the Lord teaching them to sing and make a joyful noise on to the rock of our salvation.

     We hope to see you there.

 Should you wish to read more about the choir check their site here.

 in Christ's service


who we are

Hello, I am Timothy. I am the media relations guy for Operation Christmas Child in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.
 We are a division of Samaritans Purse 

 Our goal is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through meaningful and tangible ways. One of those ways is through Samaritans Purse's Operation Christmas Child 


     We hope you find this blog an invaluable resource. Articles will be shared as to how Samaritans Purse and Operation Christmas Child in conjunction are making a difference all around the world. 


     for more information, please Follow me on Twitter.

 You may also drop me an Email. 


     As stated, I am the media relations guy for Westmoreland County Pennsylvania. Please rest assured knowing that if you drop an email or send a tweet, your inquiry will be directed post haste to the appropriate department. 

     In Christ's service